Locating steam screenshot folder

How to find steam screenshots with few clicks

When playing steam games, if you need a screenshot, you can press the F12 key at any time. The game automatically save the screen at the time and storage the screenshot on the local hard drive. When you need technical support, you can send pictures to technicians for help. You can also save some wonderful moments, post to the forum, share at social network with your friends. This feature is very useful, but there is no clear hint as to where are steam screenshots saved, and here we offer several ways to make it easy for you to find your steam game screenshots. We can simply find the screenshot management feature through the game menu, or we can find the screenshot directly on our local hard drive.


Build-in screenshot manager

The steam game itself provides screenshot management feature, providing a complete interface for easy management of screenshots. It is recommended to use this build-in feature for screenshot management, which is safe and efficient.

It's simple to use, open the steam client window, click on the View menu, in the drop-down menu click on the screenshot, screenshot management will pop-up.

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In the admin window, you can easily select one or more steam screenshots, view screenshots in local folder, add caption and upload them to the cloud. You can also permanently delete screenshots that you no longer needed, which can save hard disk space, each HD screenshot will take up a certain amount of hard disk space.

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Click the Show on Disk button will open the folder on your hard drive that has the screenshots for the game.

Windows File Explorer

If you want to manage steam screenshots directly with Windows file explorer, you can also find all the historical screenshots under the game's installation folder. The game is installed under the disk c by default, go to the installation folder, you can find all the screenshots you saved before. Here we take the default installation address as example, the path is:

C:\ Programfiles (x86) \ Steam \ userdata\ [steamid] \ 760 \ remote\ [gameid] \ screenshots

The steamid and gameid will be string of numbers, and vary depending on what your Steam ID is and what game you are seeking your screenshots for. You can find your ID by opening your Steam client. Open the Steam client, click View, and click Settings. In the pop-up Settings window, click the "Interface" menu on the left, tick the display ID option, and click Save.

Once the settings are saved, go to your Steam profile and click View profile. ID is at the end of the URL.

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