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Missing dll error solution

Please read the instructions carefully before you download the dll file.Take the proper steps to safely clean and repair windows errors.

1. Before you start the DLL installation, Repair Windows Errors and Prevent Crashing or Freezing with FREE PCFix.
2. After you download "*.Dll"(file extension dll) on your machine, copy it to
3. Go to "start" ==> "run" and type "regsvr32 *.dll" to register the file to the system. For windows 95/98/xp/2000/vista/windows 7/windows 8,and win vista,no dlls is corrup!

Where should this file go?
Please copy it to windows/system32/

REGSVR32 [/U] [/S] [/C] [/I:[Command_Line]] DLL_Name

REGSVR32 [/U] [/S] [/C] /N /I:[Command_Line] DLL_Name

/u Unregister Server.
/s Silent - no dialogue boxes.
/c Console output.
/n Don't call DllRegisterServer
/i Call DllInstall (or DllUninstall if /u is specified)
Command_Line An optional command line for DllInstall

Unregister (disable) XP Zip folders
REGSVR32 /u C:\Windows\System32\zipfldr.dll

Unregister (Disable) CAB file viewer:
REGSVR32 /u C:\Windows\System32\cabview.dll

Register (enable) XP Zip folders
REGSVR32 zipfldr.dll

Register (enable) CAB file viewer:
REGSVR32 cabview.dll

Register Windows Update DLLs (for those times when XP repair breaks Windows Update)
regsvr32 /s wuapi.dll
regsvr32 /s wuaueng1.dll
regsvr32 /s wuaueng.dll
regsvr32 /s wucltui.dll
regsvr32 /s wups2.dll
regsvr32 /s wups.dll
regsvr32 /s wuweb.dll


There are situations where you need to expand a DLL file or any other system file from the Windows setup CD-ROM, in order to replace a corrupt or missing file in the system. Here are the instructions to expand a file from the source CD.

Note: If you have a Service Pack installed, you need to extract the latest copy of the DLL. Your base Windows setup CD (without any Service Packs included) will not help if you already have a Service Pack installed in your system. Therefore, make sure that you're extracting the system file from a slipstreamed Windows setup CD-ROM (SP2 integration), or get the updated files from %Windir%\ServicePackFiles\i386 folder.


Dynamic-link library (also written without the hyphen), or DLL, is Microsoft's implementation of the shared library concept in the Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems. These libraries usually have the file extension DLL, OCX (for libraries containing ActiveX controls), or DRV (for legacy system drivers).

The file formats for DLLs are the same as for Windows EXE files — that is, Portable Executable (PE) for 32-bit Windows, and New Executable (NE) for 16-bit Windows. As with EXEs, DLLs can contain code, data, and resources, in any combination.

In the broader sense of the term, any data file with the same file format can be called a resource DLL. Examples of such DLLs include icon libraries, sometimes having the extension ICL, and font files, having the extensions FON and FOT.


Got computer error message "dll not found" or "bad image" at startup or shutdown or run program?
No "missing dll" anymore - Repair dll errors - How to fix windows dll corrupt on your windows xp,vista,2000/2003,win7, win8
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Missing dll most recent download:

d3dx9_42.dll  msvcr100.dll  D3DX9_43.dll  D3DX9_41.dll  xlive.dll  d3dx9_37.dll  
ba8pro.dll  bscavrl.dll  eSf3fw.dll  MalLgcy.dll  concrt140.dll  GtCore.dll  
msvcp100.dll  X3DAudio1_7.dll  d3dx9_34.dll  physxloader.dll  d3drm.dll  asl.dll  mfc71.dll  d3dx9_35.dll


Have you found the dll file you are looking for?

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